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The Modesto Irrigation District is asking the community to get involved in our fight to keep our water local.

Every 50 years, MID, together with our partner Turlock Irrigation District, is required to relicense the Don Pedro Project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC. It’s an open, collaborative process involving water districts, cities, residents, tribes, as well as federal, and state agencies. We took input from all these parties to conduct Tuolumne River-specific science and put together a comprehensive plan. Unfortunately, some resource agencies have ignored science and put forth their own plans that would devastate our economy and threaten our water supply. The water grab continues and we are going to fight Until The Last Drop.

Read more about it here, and learn how you can help.


In Our Own Words


This issue has the potential to affect our way of life. Hear from those in your community who are impacted, and how they intend to fight to keep our water in our community.


Get Involved


We can protect the Valley’s water supply while protecting our environment and fish populations. The science done by real scientists on the Tuolumne River proves that. We’ll fight until the last drop for our most valuable resource and with your help we can convince FERC to go forward with a plan that will ensure the right balance. Fill out the form below to stay informed, and find out how you can join the fight for our water.

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