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To balance the needs of our environment and customers

MID continues to advocate with our Tuolumne River partners for durable solutions to ensure water security and reliability for our communities, while enhancing our environmental resources and fish populations.

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In Our Own Words


This issue has the potential to affect our way of life. Hear from those in your community who are impacted, and how they intend to advocate to keep our water in our community.


Get Involved


Join Modesto Irrigation District in its efforts to educate state and federal regulators on why we need to protect the Valley's water supply - and how to do it with the science of the Tuolumne River.

Over $25 million dollars has been invested in this work. It's work that is imperative to the future of our most precious natural resource - and keeping it here for years to come.

Periodically, we will send updates and information on the Don Pedro relicensing efforts, as well as other news and information on our ongoing fight to keep our water local.

We’ll protect our most valuable resource until the last drop and with your help, we can get a voluntary agreement across the finish line. Fill out the form to stay informed.

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